At BLC Media we meet design and social media marketing needs across a broad spectrum.

Whether through website creation and management, Twitter or Facebook campaigns, event planning and promotion or comprehensive graphic design work, BLC Media will help build your brand. Our services are tailored to each client and we pride ourselves on working with you closely to achieve your goals.


Social media is the quickest way to reach a wide yet targeted audience to sell your products, advertise your event and promote brand awareness. Building up an online following allows your company immediate access to a large database of people who already have interest in your products or services. BLC Media can turn your followers into customers.


As your home base on the internet, your website is a vital part of your business. At BLC Media this concept is at the core of our work and we have the know how to make sure your customers have a rich, interactive and smooth visit. Your online presence should be consistent with your business and brand across the board. The experience your customers will have in dealing with you should hold true from Instagram to the register.


Through our branding, logo and label design services we can ensure that your audience is reached with a bold iconic statement. With the short attention span of the average Internet browser, it is important to captivate visitors with unique and engaging visual cues. BLC Media will be there grow your brand with a clear, unified and concise message to the public.


With a host of available programs, BLC Media ties together the entire online experience for everyone from potential to existing loyal customers. By delivering a focused message through all platforms you can achieve everything from an increase in brand awareness to event promotion. The first step in getting a customer through your door starts with a connection and BLC Media is here to initiate and foster those relationships as your business expands.